If new glasses are required we have over 100 frames to ensure individuality for each person. From retro to traditional frame styles, our range includes a wide selection of frames which can be used in conjunction with an NHS entitlement.

We will always advise on the best frame and lens design to suit each person’s personal prescription, as we always do within the practice environment. We are forever mindful of Falls Prevention and will ensure that we assess this when advising on lens type, such as bifocals or varifocals.

We actively encourage family members to get involved, and should families prefer us to arrange an appointment to choose new spectacles with their relative, then we are more than happy to accommodate this.

We are also able to dispense spectacle prescriptions that have been issued by the Hospital Eye Service.

We will arrange to deliver and adjust new spectacles as soon as they are ready, which is generally within a week to ten days from date of order. We engrave all spectacles to aid idendification, as well as helping reduce falls due to incorrect wear.

We appreciate that from time to time accidents do happen, and how disconcerting and dangerous it can be if you can’t see, so we’ll arrange to call out within 24-48hrs of being advised of a breakage to glasses.

From time to time it’s necessary the normal wear & tear to require adjustments to be made to the fit of your spectacles.

As part of our commitment to ongoing care, we will call in every three months to check on each person’s glasses reassess the fitting and adjustment, as well as ensuring the lenses are clean and free from damage; thus ensuring the best vision possible which can significantly help reduce the risk of a fall.