Our Service

We work with you to design the service that suits you & the ladies and gents in your care. Each and every care setting is unique.

There is a big misconception that people with dementia do not need an eye examination. The main reason we hear is that the patient is confused, they do not wear glasses or that the patient does not read or watch TV. Our opticians have being working with those living with dementia for many years we have seen behaviours, which were being induced by sight problems, being solely and wrongly put down to dementia. If we fail to address the sight problem we will lose the opportunity to improve quality of life, independence, mobility and safety of the person we care for.

A person’s sight is a part of a person’s overall health and should be monitored in much the same way we monitor nutrition and stimulation. As opticians who specialise in the eye care for dementia patients we would like to help other health care providers in the continuous care of these patients.

Similarly, there are many people with learning disabilities that have never had an eye test. Sight problems in patients with learning disabilities or mental illness go largely unrecognised due to problems communicating. There are many reasons as to why people with learning disability never had an eye examination. They may be afraid or indeed upset at going into a new environment e.g. the opticians practice and will not co-operate.

Our service allows us to test our patient’s eyes in the environment they feel most comfortable in, which results in a more relaxed examination, and the best possible results for each and every person.

We truly want to provide bespoke eye care, with this in mind, we work with you to design a Service Level Agreement which is tailored to ensure that it is as individual as the care you provide. The Service Level Agreement covers all aspects of our service and together we will adapt it to meet the changing needs of you, your staff, the residents and their families.